Fall 2018 State Wide Seminar

The Fall State-Wide Seminar for PAPDS will be held on Monday, November 5, 2018 from 9am – 2pm in Manheim, PA.

Decided to go a little later than our usual October date to try and accommodate some of our crazy / busy schedules & hope you’ll be able to attend. Bob is currently working on the agenda for the day & we will try to get that to you as soon as possible.

A registration form was emailed out recently. You can fill it out and send with a check to Joe P, or ‘reply all’ to the email that was sent to rsvp and pay at the door. We’ll need a rough headcount for lunch and the materials that will be provided for the seminar.

Also, it’s time to elect (or re-elect) two of our officers. This time around the office of vice-president & the office of secretary of the PAPDS will be up for grabs & will need to be decided before the end of 2018… Again, please hit the ‘reply all’ key in the invitation email with your nominations so all 4 current officers will know who would like to help us out as we move into 2019… We MAY vote on November 5th if we have some nominees in place & enough PAPDS voting members at the seminar, or bump the voting to the end of November/start of December to include as many voting members as possible in the process – That will be decided at the seminar.

For now, just RSVP your intentions to us via that email or open the attached registration form, fill it out, & mail it in…

If you have not received that email, just let us know.

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