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As a member of the PAPDS you get to be part of an organization that can make big changes in our state's government. How that benefits you? Simple, how you run your business and to continue to provide lessons to our fellow Pennsylvanians is closely affected by PennDot and the Department of Education. As an individual your voice is hard to hear but as a group your voice gets amplified, and our law makers hear you. What we have in common is 2 passions; 1st passion is to train novice drivers to be safe and responsible on the road, 2nd passion is as a business owner we need to keep our doors open to continue with our 1st passion!

As a member of the PAPDS we have access to people that can help us run our businesses. Below you can see the contact information of those people.

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John V. Kashatus
School Safety Education Advisor
PA Department of Education

Jason Lewis
Program Manager
PA Dept of Transportation

Marc Schneider
412.235.7682 (ext. 203)

Anatolij Petrov
Driving School Software

Trey Minskey
Commercial Insurance Advisor
Christian Baker Insurance

Somastream Interactive

Tim Gillan
Insurance Health Benefits
Gallagher Insurance

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